The history of color blind correcting sunglasses

In past years a debilitating condition like color blindness was a permanent defect. As our technological evolution has exponentially grown, we now have the ability to temporarily correct color blindness. This is done by designing new enchroma glasses that allow people to distinguish between green and red, where they previously could not.

The first color blind glasses were known as Oxy-Iso lenses, which filtered out wavelengths of light and enhanced certain wavelengths. These did not fix color blindness, but allowed certain colors to be brought out a bit more. These glasses were useful for certain tasks, such as finding veins to inject for nurses who had difficulties finding them due to their color blindness.

This solution wasn’t very effective overall though, as it filtered out yellow light as a result of brightening reds and greens. This meant that the glasses were only effective for two thirds of the color spectrum. Enchroma glasses now make all colors in the spectrum brighter, without taking away from any other colors. Reviews of enchroma glasses are now becoming more widespread.

If you know you have red green color blindness, these glasses will likely be highly effective once worn. You would expect such glasses to be thick and ugly due to the technology, but in actual fact they look exactly like normal sunglasses and come in a variety of different unique styles. The lenses can be either mirrored or transparent like regular glasses depending on your preference, and can be made for indoor use or outdoor use. If you spend most of your time watching television for instance, you should go for the indoor enchroma glasses. If however you spend most of your time outside, you should opt for the outdoor enchroma sunglasses.

You must first figure out whether you have red-green blindness or full spectrum color blindness. If you have the full spectrum vision disorder, these color blindness correcting glasses may not be very effective. There is no know fix for this type right now.

Enchroma glasses aren’t a full fix. You may not be able to pass the Ishihara test for example, but they are likely to have a great impact on the degree to which you can distinguish between different colors. A pleasant example is looking at a rainbow. Without the glasses on, you’ll likely just see a streak of one color. However, while wearing them you may see blue, red, pink, green, orange and yellow.

Results will vary but there is potential to be a massive difference in vision. Have a look at some reviews on the internet or some videos of people wearing them and you’ll get an idea of how impactful they can be to someone who has struggled with this vision defect for a lifetime.